About Us

PetaMex Limited is a bitcoin based company registered in the British Virgin Islands. PetaMex Ltd, is parent to DigiMex Ltd, a subsidiary. PetaMex’s mission statement is to build and develop sound bitcoin businesses that help support the bitcoin ecosystem by creating growth opportunities while maintaining a libertarian view of the cryptocurrency.

PetaMex’s initial investments are in bitcoin mining and platforms related to derivatives trading. The company strives to deliver on profitable businesses for its shareholders as well as being a contributable member of the bitcoin community. This involves participating in forums, boards, conferences, and any other mediums of exchange that will foster and nurture positive momentum for the broader bitcoin economy.

PetaMex Limited is made up of 5 partners. The team is spread across Asia and Europe and came together through a group of former investment banking colleagues who are based in Hong Kong. The 3 initial founders in Hong Kong then asked people known to them who had been involved in the bitcoin space over the last 3 years running bitcoin related projects from Sweden and Spain.

The team that make up PetaMex each have a specialization that they bring to the company. The key capabilities within the team help in terms of the strategic direction of the various business lines and the overall execution of them.

Willem van Rooyen is a developer by trade who started bitcoin mining in the early days. He has delivered on many bitcoin projects both as a contractor and on a proprietary basis.

Ludvig Oberg is a well known bitcoin activist, enthusiast and entrepreneur. In the early days of bitcoin, Ludvig started one of the first crowd funded bitcoin funds that delivered a double digit return percentage to its investors.

DigiMex Limited, a subsidiary of PetaMex, currently has a project launched and live called IceDrill. IceDrill is a bitcoin mining operation that will start mining in early November 2013. The mine is expected to achieve 200-300 THash/sec and will reinvest 25% of profits from the mine to continually increase their hashing power. Subsequently, 75% of profits from the mine will be redistributed back to the investors of IceDrill.

IceDrill will be mining with ASIC chips provided by Hashfast who’s Golden Nonce chip provides 400 Ghash/sec with a power consumption rate of less than 1W/Ghash/sec. Hashfast chips are produced in coordination with Uniquify Inc. Uniquify has been producing ASIC chips for 10 years and has completed over 100 designs. IceDrill has raised an undisclosed amount of investment capital through a public fund raising campaign on the Bitfunder platform to capitalize the project.

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